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Tried and true: brunch at Cafe Cluny

Cafe Cluny is one of those West Village places that’s been around forever. I can’t even remember when it opened – I think it was before we had kids! Although I love Cafe Cluny, I’ll put it out there that it has a bit of a split personality. Go there at 10:30 on a weekday and it’s this super chill, intimate, cozy little gem of a place… where you can sit with your friends and gossip at length over eggs and cappucinos. Go there at the same time on a weekend and you’ll find yourself crammed at the bar waiting for 45 minutes for a 4-top to open up! I will say, the brunch is worth the wait. Once you snap up a table, you won’t regret waiting your turn!

In terms of menu, I have a few favorites. I’ve always loved the Avocado BLT which is served with a side of potato salad. The Frisee Salad with egg is totally delicious. The Breakfast Club is a real crowd-pleaser and you can’t go wrong with the Cluny Burger! For kids, the Brioche French Toast with maple syrup and macerated berries is a home-run.

But what’s really cool about Cafe Cluny is the vibe. I just love the corner location on two of the most of the most charming streets of the West Village. Both the front room and the back one are flooded with light and lined with windows over-looking the street. The blond wood makes it homey and rustic at the same time. And the name! The name reminds me of my childhood, because Cluny is an area of Paris where I used to hang out a lot during my teenage years.

So throw a pair of jeans, a soft sweatshirt, a pair of high-tops and a leather jacket – and make your way to Cafe Cluny with a few friends or even just your laptop or a book! Just remember – it’s better to go during the week if you want to have a chance to relax!

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