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Summer essentials

Still in major summertime prep here!

I’m so excited with a few recent purchases. Topping the list is my brand new oversize Goyard beach tote in white. I have the smaller version in black and in bright blue already, but I wanted the larger version because I feel like summer bags are never too big! Even though I’m petite, and I don’t generally love large bags the rest of the year, I make an exception in the summertime and always carry a large tote. I like to take my keys and my wallet, and still have enough for an extra layer for myself, my kids, my husband, some baby wipes, a small towel, a bottle of Evian, etc… it really adds up and takes a lot of space, so the bigger the bag, the better!

I went on a little bit of a splurge and had the bag monogrammed… seriously the monogram was so pricey!!! I had a bit of a sticker shock hesitation there for a second, but I ended up going for it, and I absolutely love it!

The other purchase that I’m head over heels in love with is a bunch of blue and white striped towels in all different shades. I just love the color of bright blue stripes against the background of sun, sky and sand, and I’m looking forward to long lazy days on the beach and by the pool.

Finally I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect pair of sunglasses and I found a few that I adore. I’m really into gold aviator frames these days – they just look so good with a tan and a big swoosh of beach hair! Ready, set, go – summertime, here we come!

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