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Prep for Summer

Every year in June, my kids and I prepare to leave town for two months. We wrap up the school year and we say goodbye to New York City until Labor Day.

I love our tradition of spending the summer away, but it requires a lot of preparation. June is always a busy month with many end-of-the-school-year celebrations, end-of-season team banquets, and various other (really fun!) parties and get-togethers. Add the fact that both of my kids’ birthdays are in June and so is my wedding anniversary… and you have the recipe for the busiest month of the year!

I try to plan things ahead of time so nothing slips through the cracks. Our packing list is thankfully light as our summer house is already stocked with the essentials. But I always make sure to book appointments for haircuts, dentists, doctors and everything else before we leave town.

I also do a big spring cleaning so the city apartment is completely organized before I leave. In case I need any documents or items while I’m out of town, I want to be able to tell my husband exactly where to find things in my absence.

And finally, I stock up both the apartment and the summer house with a big delivery of grocery staples and pantry items. My husband uses the apartment during the week while we are gone, and I want to make sure that he has two months’ worth of whatever he might need every day.

What are your tips and tricks to prepare for the summer?

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