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Outdoor workout in Washington Square!

Washington Square Park is my local park, and if you’ve heard about it, you probably know that it’s a totally crazy park about 90% of the time. Street performers, tourists, crowds, musicians – you name it, they’re there… and that’s why we love our park!!! Seriously there’s nothing more entertaining than Washington Square Park on a nice, busy day. My kids whiz past the whole commotion on their little scooters like nothing’s amiss, and I’m always wondering if they’re going to run straight into some little old lady someday… it’s a little nerve-racking, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

What most people don’t know, however, is that the remaining 10% of the time, Washington Square Park is this incredibly quiet, moody, romantic, delicious little gem of a park. You have to catch it at the right moment – at sunrise before anyone else is up, or on Thanksgiving day when everyone’s out of town, or at some other random moment when the park happens to be, unbelievably, empty.

The other day, I had the park to myself, and I took advantage of it by having a fantastic outdoor workout. I lucked out – the sun was out and it was a terrific day!

Without further ado, here’s the workout that I decided to do:

Cardio warm-up: jumping jacks, mountain climbers (with hands on bench), set of high-knees, set of butt-kicks, repeat the whole thing 3 times.

Core: I focused on my core by doing all kinds of push up variations. Then I worked on presses. I used the stairs all around the fountain (the fountain was empty and turned off!) to press up to a handstand and then back down. I did pike presses and straddle presses.

Cardio interval: 20 burpees.

Core/upper body: planks & side planks.

Stretching: I always finish up with a ton of stretching as it’s the one thing that keeps my body from bulking up too fast. I did splits, hip openers, and a few back-bends in the form of inversions.

What do you think of my outfit? I love the pants – they’re by LNDR. The sneakers are my rose gold favorites (such a cool color!) and the sports bra is super neat because it’s almost completely seamless. See the widget below for all shopping links!

Happy workout everyone!

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