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#OOTD: Black feathers & accessories

So it’s been crazy weather here in NYC, with some days being warm like spring time, and some other days with the worst wind-chill ever!!!! And then we’re still getting a few nor’easters here and there, which is wreaking havoc on everyone’s life these days. The kids are keeping their fingers crossed for one more snow day, but most of us moms are over the winter already and hoping for some sunshine and tulips already!

It’s tough to dress for such weather but I thought this outfit hit the spot yesterday. I had to dress up a little because after taking the kids around to their activities, I knew that I was meeting my friends for an early dinner at Loring Place – and I didn’t want to look too disheveled! The jeans are super, super duper comfortable – seriously I could sleep in them. I have traveled in them quite a bit, and they always fit so well. The booties are low enough to walk around all day, which is a must for me living in the city and running around all day long. The feather jacket’s just fun. I have it in black, but it comes in all different colors!


I realized I haven’t posted anything about jewelry yet so I figured it would be a good time to start! I love stacking on a few bangles… today it was the Clou bracelet by Cartier and an old Hermes cuff that I’ve had for years. I love how the two of them look together because they’re both gold, yet they’re both really different. On the other wrist I just wore my watch.

The Balenciaga bag deserves a special mention because I wear it so much. It’s one of my go-to mom bags. It’s easy to carry and it fits so much more than it looks! In addition to the usual (phone, wallet, etc) you can fill it with snacks, extra sweaters, baby wipes – all the essentials of motherhood. Plus, the gray really goes with everything. Black, white, navy, gray, olive… which is why I always end up grabbing it!! It’s one of those bags that will never let you down!


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