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Mother-daughter Day at Lafayette Bakery

Today, my friend Sabrina and I took our daughters to Lafayette Grand Bakery for a special mothers & daughters day. Our sons and husbands were busy with their very own outing at a NY Football Club soccer game at Yankee Stadium – so it was the perfect day for girl time, cappucinos & pancakes!

Lafayette has been a big part of our lives since it opened several years ago. They offer the perfect combination of simple and delicious French brasserie food; great big tables that are perfect for birthdays and celebrations; and a location that happens to really work with our lives!

Lafayette is quite popular with the brunch crowd, so reservations are always necessary. They also offer breakfast, and they have a delicious dinner menu. Alternately, their takeout window has some of the best pastries and breads this side of the Atlantic – from croissants, to fougasses (the French take on focaccia), to macarons, and of course great coffee!

Sabrina, the kids and I sat down at a great booth by the window and immediately ordered cappucinos and mimosas; the girls ordered fresh-squeezed orange juice. After the drinks came, we ordered scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, and lemon pancakes with berries and syrup for the kids. The pancakes are giant – one portion for two kids is definitely more than enough!

I knew we were going to the park after our meal so I made sure to wear a thick sweater – the kids run around so much that they never get cold, but as moms chatting on the bench, we tend to get chilly! I paired the sweater with jeans, a fur vest and some high-tops for a look that was trendy enough for brunch and casual enough for the playground. Shop my outfit below!

After two full hours at the playground, we decided to walk back to my apartment and make hot cocoa. Sabrina and I settled down in the living-room to chat some more, while the kids made up a fun game of sliding down the stairs on a make-shift sled. It was one of those playdates that becomes impossible to end – no one wanted to end the fun, and the kids were begging to have dinner together and then sleep over! Unfortunately, with school early tomorrow morning, a sleep over was not an option. We ended the afternoon with a promise to have another mothers & daughters day again very soon!

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