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Lower East Side night: dinner at Hemlock

We just discovered the most phenomenal little place – a new restaurant named Hemlock on the Lower East Side! We actually had the best night out with friends – started out with live music on Stanton Street, had an amazing dinner at Hemlock, and finished off with some more live music around the block. So fun!

It’s been super chilly in New York these days (especially at night!) so I wore an outfit that was warm enough to walk around from place to place, yet trendy and super cute! I paired leather jeans by AG with an embellished sweater, suede boots and an faux fur jacket – the kind that I wouldn’t mind if I left it behind, or if someone spilled something on it! I knew we might have to stand in line for a few minutes, so it was nice to have on a few layers!

The restaurant was discovered by my friend Nicole and we were so impressed! It’s the tiniest of places… perhaps 6 or 7 two-top tables and an open kitchen that’s not much bigger than a kitchen in someone’s home. The waiters were all super knowledgeable and we loved the menu, so we dove in and ordered lots of small plates to share.

We started out with the bread, which was so good that it deserves its own little paragraph. It was sweet potato bread served with burnt leaf butter – so satisfying, served hot off the oven and simply delicious!

Then, for a table of four, we ordered four appetizers: the fluke crudo, the spicy beets, the sea urchin polenta, and the leeks roasted in banana¬† leaf with smoked tea. We loved how inventive the flavors were. It was a departure from the usual New York restaurant menu, but it wasn’t inventive just for the sake of being inventive – the flavors all worked so well together!!! I loved all the appetizers but my two favorites were the fluke and the leeks.

As entrees, we had the whole roasted chicken with marjoram salsa verde and the lamb ribs with coffee and cardamon. Both dishes were well flavored and cooked to perfection, so delicious!

And I was happy to see that the desserts were not a second thought, as sometimes desserts are. We shared all three desserts off the menu – the aged goat cheese with dates, the bergamot sorbet and the bay leaf ice cream with cranberry and red wine caramel. All of them were fantastic!

It’s really hard to surprise and please a table of four New York parents – after living here for so long and trying so many places, nothing hardly ever feels new anymore! But Hemlock did it. All four of us walked out raving about our meal! What a fun experience!

Hemlock, 65 Rivington Street, 646-649-2503

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