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I tried Y7, the new yoga craze!

When I look at my workout drawer… especially in the winter! There’s so much black (of course!) but also, so many dark colors! Army green, navy, charcoal, burgundy… dark,┬ádark, dark! So today, I decided to be completely different and go ALL WHITE. I love the star details on the leggings – it keeps it interesting – and that little touch of black means you can pair it with black sneakers, a black jacket and black accessories. Hopefully, spring isn’t too far ahead and we can start having fun with brighter colors!

My workouts this week have been totally new – I’ve been going to Y7 for the first time! Y7 is this fitness craze that’s sweeping over New York (and apparently LA, too!) so my friends and I decided to book some classes together and give it a try. You can get a 3-pack for $45 including mats and towels if you’re a new customer, so we went ahead and purchased one of those.

What we knew about Y7 was pretty intriguing. We had heard that the workout takes place in a dark room by candlelight, with loud hip-hop music blaring and the heat turned up to 90! The whole thing sounded a bit intimidating, so it was nice to go with friends!

We checked out classes near us – the Union Square location, the Flatiron one and the Soho flagship. The studios are all slightly different, but the aesthetic is the same: walk-up a few flights of stairs, exposed brick walls (very New York-y), and yes – pitch black inside the yoga room. There are indeed candles everywhere, and heaters – but it’s not horrendously hot inside! We found the temperature to be quite comfortable. They do play hip-hop, but it’s pretty laid-back. It’s not too loud and it’s very mellow!

They offer different classes, and the class structure varies. There’s a Slow Burn class, a We Flow Hard class (their signature workout) and also Hip Hop Wednesdays. We found Hip Hop Wednesdays and We Flow Hard to be more cardio oriented, whereas Slow Burn reminded us of a regular Vinyasa yoga class. The level of the class I’m sure varies depending on the teacher. What we experienced were not a beginner’s classes, but they were not extremely difficult, either – a solid medium is how I would put it. All classes end with some restorative poses and a short Sivasana.

We walked out of there in full sweat, but not tired at all! Altogether, we’re sold – Y7 is a great workout, and the whole concept – music, dark room, heat, repetitive flows – definitely adds a fun element to this class!

Let me know if you’ve tried Y7 classes and if you like them! I think they’re opening new locations all the time… one is coming soon to the Meatpacking District!

Y7, multiple locations – www.y7-studio.com

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