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Dinner with the girls at… Loring Place

I mentioned a few days ago that my friends and I met up for drinks and dinner at this great restaurant that opened last spring near my apartment – Loring Place! We had such a fun night, so I figured I’d do a restaurant review!

When Loring Place first opened, it was a revelation! People loved loved loved it – so much so that for a while it was really difficult to get in! The bar used to be mobbed even on weeknights – craziness! It’s still really really popular, but some of the initial hype has died down, which actually makes it nicer – it’s possible to have a real conversation there, and if you reserve a little in advance, you’re likely to get a table when you want it!

I’ve been to Loring Place several times with my husband, and even a few times (on the earlier side: 5:30pm) with the kids. This time, however, I was meeting my girlfriends there – two great girls that did their yoga teacher training with me. We met at the bar and ordered wine. I was wearing gray jeans, suede boots and a feather jacket. Shop my outfit below!

Our table was ready soon after we arrived and the first thing we did when we sat down was order bread! The bread deserves a special mention: it’s made in-house and comes with an amazing butter… to die for!!! And then we got appetizers to share – the beets, the crispy cauliflower, the Brussels sprouts and the baked ricotta. The hits were the crispy cauliflower and the ricotta – so yummy! – but the beets and the sprouts were delicious too. For entrees, we each got our own dish. I picked the cheeseburger (delish!), one of my friend had the skate, and the other one chose the cavatelli.

If you’re going with kids, it’s worth mentioning that they serve a pizza that my kids totally love! Every time we bring the kids, that’s what they end up ordering.

To finish off, we shared the vanilla sundae. It was totally lovely and a good size for sharing. We lingered over dessert a while and plotted our next outing. I’ll give you a teaser – it involves hot yoga and hip-hop music in a dark, candle-lit room. Stay tuned for more – if we like it, I’ll do a class review!

Loring Place, 21 West 8th Street – 212-388-1831

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