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Dining out in the Turks & Caicos


Let me start this post by putting it out there – I love food! I grew up in Paris, France – so food is a big part of my culture, and I’ll try anything. I’m not into “safe” foods or kid food, and I’m definitely not a basic meat-and-potatoes girl (although I’ll take a good steak anytime)! Keith and I love a great meal, and we love trying new restaurants anywhere we go.

We were pleased to find out that the Turks & Caicos offers quite a few delicious restaurants – definitely enough variety to try something new every day of our 8-day vacation. I’m happy to report that all the restaurants we tried were wonderful either from the standpoint of food, setting, ambiance or all of the above!

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Stelle: a modern poolside restaurant at the Gansevoort Hotel
  • Zest: a casual beachside restaurant at the Gansevoort Hotel
  • Infiniti: a lovely upscale restaurant overlooking the ocean at the Grace Bay Club
  • Parallel 23: a gorgeous restaurant overlooking the pool and the gardens at the Palms resort
  • Cafe Somewhere on the beach: a casual, boisterous Caribbean place on the beach
  • Magnolia Restaurant: a family-style restaurant on the hill overlooking the ocean

We took our children out to dinner with us every night. Even the more upscale restaurants were very welcoming to our kids, and all of them offered a kids menu. We were visiting the Turks & Caicos during a school vacation week, and we found that almost everyone brought their kids with them everywhere. One restaurant on the island (Kitchen 218) told us, when we called, that children were not allowed, so that’s the one restaurant that we did not book! Another restaurant we would’ve liked to try was Coco Bistro. Coco allows children, but reservations are difficult to get and must be made well in advance; we weren’t able to get a table. Next time!

The dress code everywhere on the island was what I call “resort chic.” Think pretty summer dresses, dressy sandals and a shawl; brightly colored nails (coral!), perhaps some espadrilles wedges and a fancy basket in lieu of purse. It’s so fun to dress up for dinner while on vacation, and you can truly have fun with color!

All in all, we were quite pleased with the dining selection available on the island. The food was fresh, inventive and well prepared, and the service was spotless!








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