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Class Review: Rima Rabbath at Jivamukti

Winter weather in New York isn’t always the best. The day we shot these photos, it was supposed to be cloudy. But when we got to Mercer Street in Soho, it started to rain… and by the time we were ready to shoot, the rain had turned to SLEET! Thank¬†goodness I had packed a long sleeved top to wear over my tank! After a few minutes, I was frozen to the bone!

If you’re like me and you live in a colder part of the country, check out Michi’s workout wear… they have the cutest long sleeve tops. You can pop them over a sports bra or a tank and they’ll keep you warm as you go to, or leave the gym! I love the mesh detailing – so chic and yet totally comfy. It moves with your body! The snake-print leggings are also my favorite. They’re different than regular black leggings, yet they’re subtle.

Today I’m going to review one of my all-time favorite yoga classes in the entire city – Rima Rabbath’s class at Jivamukti Yoga School in Union Square. This class is seriously in a league of its own – hands down one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.

Jivamukti Yoga School is this large yoga studio on the second floor or a building on Broadway at 13th Street. It has two very large yoga rooms lined with windows, and a smaller one without windows. There’s a vegan cafe and a pretty big store that sells yoga clothes, books, music, accessories… everything a yogi might ever need!

The Jivamukti style of yoga is a very specific style that includes chanting at the beginning of every class; a thought, or story of the day; a challenging, Ashtanga based physical workout; inversions in every single class, backbends, twists and forward bends; and a restorative Sivasana at the end. The classes are close to 2 hours long, unless the schedule specifically states otherwise. When you walk out of a Jivamukti class, you feel that your body has had a full workout, and your mind is at peace.

Rima’s class is one of the best ones in the school. Her musical sensibility makes for a fantastic experience and the way she structures her asana sequences is absolutely masterful. Get ready for some challenging poses, flying pigeon, side crow, mind-blowing twists – the class is never twice the same, and she always blows your mind. In addition, she exudes calm, while being at the same time totally energetic. It’s difficult to explain, but that’s exactly what she’s like.

The classes I most recommend are Rima’s weekend classes if you want to feel the full effect of being part of something huge. But beware, the room gets very full, so you need to get there early enough to set up your mat, and you will be very close to your neighbors! If you’re in the mood for a class that’s calmer and more intimate, the weekday classes will suit you better. I like them both; the energy on the weekend is insane, but the weekdays are lovely too!

Rima Rabbath’s class at Jivamukti, 841 Broadway – 212-353-0214

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