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I took Hilaria Baldwin’s class at Yoga Vida!

So last Tuesday morning, I decided to check out a yoga class near me: Hilaria Baldwin’s class at Yoga Vida on University Place and 12th Street. It was a nice day and I knew that I wouldn’t have time to change between the class, running errands, and picking up the kids from school, so I wore camo & black, which is one of my favorite color combinations. Camo & black gives off a trendy vibe that’s cute and city-ish at the same time – and it doesn’t make you look like a gym rat! Throw on a sweatshirt, a beanie, a pair of sunglasses, some funky sneakers, and you’re set for the day. How easy is that!

I had never been to Hilaria’s class, so this was a first for me! It had come in highly recommended by several of my yoga loving friends, so I was eager to try it. There’s also, of course, the curiosity factor, since Hilaria is a minor celebrity due to her marriage to actor Alec Baldwin.

The studio is lovely – a big, welcoming corner room that’s flooded with light. There are large windows facing north and west and on a clear day, it was quite pleasant. The studio is in a prewar building so there are columns throughout the room. I actually really liked it – the columns in addition to the high ceilings give the studio a charming vibe.

The class began (surprisingly!) with a cardio warm-up. Hilaria put on “Let’s Get Loud” and had us do jumping jacks, run in place, butt-kicks and high knees for the entire song! I had never started a yoga class that way, but I was open to something new, and it definitely got our heart-rate up!!

After the cardio warm-up, we did a number of sun salutations at a very fast pace – faster than breath pace. That too was a cardio workout and not at all what I expected! Following the sun salutations, we did a few traditional yoga poses including full pigeon and Garudasana (eagle pose). Then came an ab session!! I kid you not, we laid on the floor and Hilaria led us through a session of leg raises, modified V-ups, crunches, bicycle crunches, etc! I actually loved the ab session… although unexpected in a yoga class, we can all use more core strength, so bring it on!! The ab session was well thought-out, challenging, but not deadly. A lovely touch!

Following the ab session, we did some restorative poses and ended with a traditional Sivasana. Hilaria provided Sivasana adjustments to everyone, so nice!!…

All in all, this yoga class was definitely not a traditional yoga class, but I loved it!! That’s the beauty of yoga classes with a new teacher – you can always be surprised in a good way! It felt a bit more fitness-y than most yoga classes, and for that reason it will be a great addition to my yoga practice! I also really liked the vibe of the class – Hilaria kept it light, fun, and energetic. That’s a real feat, considering that she’s currently 7 months pregnant! She looked fantastic and did a lot of the workout with us – most of the cardio and almost all of the ab work. A true inspiration to pregnant women everywhere!

Yoga Vida, 99 University Place – 212-995-5553




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